Saturday, 11 June 2011

Purple Haze

Yes, I can just remember the summer of '67! I'm afraid that Chris Packham's punk music pales into insignificance when held up against the giants of the 1960s! If you are looking for a short and fairly easy ramble this weekend then there is no better place than BBOWT's Aston Clinton Ragpit reserve where Fragrant Orchids can be seen in their thousands
Fragrant Orchids at Aston Clinton Ragpit   

And if there was ever any doubt about the appropriateness of their name, the heavy scent that consumes you as you enter the reserve ends that debate! A lovely reserve with a host of chalk downland flora and birds too in the surrounding scrub and trees. Lift the panels of tin alongside the paths and maybe discover a grass snake. Turn off the Halton to Aston Hill road as if to climb up to Wendover woods but park immediately on your left and enter by the gate under the trees.

Butterfly Orchid June 19th 2011

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