Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Wild Orchid Safari

Against all odds we enjoyed over 2 hours of sun this morning on our Walking Festival orchid ramble around Grangelands and Pulpit Hill. Plenty of birds and butterflies plus glorious views across to the Berkshire Downs and deep into Warwickshire.

Despite very dry conditions following the warm spring and the early flowering of some orchid species we found 9 members of this family. Common Spotted and Fragrant were plentiful, Pyramidal were just opening and Twayblades well out. Under the beech canopy we found Bird's Nest Orchid, White and emerging Broad Leaved Helleborines but the two highlights were our first Bee O, a nice example of the trolli or Wasp variety with it's pointed chin, and the first Musk Orchid of the year. Not a bad haul when all is taken into consideration!
Bee O var trolli ( Wasp)
Musk Orchid
Fragrant Orchids

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