Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wetland walk

In view of the rather unsettled weather maybe a walk around a wetland nature reserve is appropriate! Our flower rich Chiltern grasslands, beechwoods and meadows maybe our local specialities but venture a little further and the magic of a wetland area can be experienced.
Marsh Helleborine July 2011
One BBOWT reserve that is alive with dragonflies, butterflies and plants that favour damper conditions is the former limestone quarry at Dry Sandford, now a BBOWT reserve and near Abingdon.

Marsh Fragrant orchid G densiflora  July 2011

One fascinating aspect are the burrowing insects that seek homes in the old quarry cliffs. Grasshoppers and Crickets fill the air with their calls.

Keeled Skimmer
The reserve is about 45 minute drive from Risborough and a level circular ramble leads from a small car park. Go to for full details.

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