Thursday, 23 August 2012


Can you help for a few hours this weekend between 10am-1pm?

We will meet in the Whiteleaf Cross car park ( SP 822035) at 10am on Sunday.

There has been a bumper crop of Ragwort this year across much of the local countryside. While this is an important foodplant for many insects, it's not good for grazing animals.

Where we plan to graze grassland on our reserves, it is important that we clear the area of Ragwort before introducing stock.

The range and number of wild flowers in our conservation glade at Brush Hil have increased dramatically following the clearance work last winter, but the Ragwort has been rather too succcessful in colonising the open areas.We have started work on pulling it out but there is still a lot to do so we will be tackling the remainder this Sunday,before it goes to seed.

We have great plans for Brush Hill this autumn and look forward to your joining us in the future.

Hope to see you Sunday.

Please let me know if you can come.

Roger Newman

Volunteer Warden
Brush Hill LNR
Tel: 01844 244101

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