Friday, 10 April 2015

College Lake

Our Wildlife Trust's College Lake reserve is another great place for spring wildlife. On Wednesday the site was alive with insects and early flowers, and Goat Willow and Blackthorn blossom decorated the lake edges.

A whistling signalled a pair of Kingfisher playing chase, flying furiously back and forth across the water, pausing briefly in Alders, their fire red and electric blue plumage alternating as they turned in the sun. Below on the waters edge, pairs of Snipe paddled together watched by nesting Lapwings and a pair of Oystercatchers. Early Swallows skimmed the lakes while Reed Buntings worked through the cliff top scrub.
Go there soon!
Snipe jpeg

At nearby Ivinghoe Beacon the Pasque flowers have yet to show in this slightly delayed start to spring but Chiffchaffs and a Garden Warber herald the future!

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